Dance Kahani… A New Saga In Lollywood

Dance Kahani, Pakistani Movie

Dance Kahani… A New Saga In Lollywood

Dance Kahani, Pakistani MovieIt is an unusual Lollywood movie, embellished with dance and lots of masti.Here comes Lollywood’s first dance film — a spectacular entertainer that proves yet again that if you dare to dream, impossible is nothing! After so many serious and patriotic movies now Lollywood’s next project, first high-octane dance film, is all set to release. Titled Dance Kahani, the film is being directed and written by Syed Omar. Dance Kahani is produced by H2O Films and Ion Entertainment in association with Act One.The film stars Madeleine Hanna, Alamdar Khan and Vernin U’chong. Dance Kahani is perhaps the first film exploring the underground dance culture and free running on the streets of Karachi.

The Film is low budget initiative by a new generation film maker from Pakistan who aims to show the other side of the coin to the world i.e the aspiration, dream and talent in spite the odds. “With her dream of pursuing a professional dance career shattered, she must now fight the odds to keep it alive in a society she never wanted to be a part of.” This is how Nizzy, an upscale British Pakistani must survive her predicament. The music of Dance Kahani is composed by Usman Bin Sohail. The movie is expected to release this year.

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